At ODENL, we will protect the safety, health and security of all personnel involved in our operations; respect and care for the environment; preserve the assets of our company; and prevent unplanned operational events.


To accomplish this, we will:

  • Operate consistently in accordance with the ODENL Vision and Core Values to aid in building and maintaining a strong safety culture and eliminate unplanned events
  • Work within integrated operating, management and quality systems to protect personnel and the environment while ensuring the integrity and reliability of company assets
  • Establish annual goals and targets that recognize and promote desired employee behavior and service delivery performance
  • Implement a comprehensive process safety framework that ensures major hazards and barriers are identified and managed through risk assessment and management of change processes
  • Take reasonable steps to prepare for, prevent and mitigate foreseeable harm, and establish response plans and crisis management processes
  • Allocate the appropriate resources, including competent personnel, to execute this policy
  • Ensure safety, health and environmental protection standards and procedures are implemented
  • Communicate safety, health, and environment accountabilities and responsibilities to personnel, including maintaining barrier health and stop work obligation
  • Perform self-verification, oversight and audit activities to verify conformance with legal requirements, industry standards and company guidelines
  • Systematically apply lessons learned and improvement opportunities through preventive and corrective actions using quality management principles